Monday, 28 November 2011

Mimoko Hair Accessories Some happy little customers!!

We had such a great day at the market on Sunday - met lots of lovely people and lots of little princesses who are now models for Mimoko Hair Accessories!!  
                                                                    Some great new ideas too for navy blue to be included in the collection. Alovely customer - Vanessa sugested to us to make a vintage lace and navy clip ... we totally agree ... that would be gorgeous so we are busy filling her order and those of other customers and replenishing our stock that has now found homes and making our days just that little bit more special...

Check out these gorgeous little princesses wearing their Mimoko Headbands and Clips - so adorable!!

Princess A in her dusty Pink Peony headband...
And cheeky Miss A rolling around wearing a gorgeous Vintage crochet headband with a handmade soft pink rose centre ... perfect for this little princess....

Getting ready for the big guy in Red and White to visit for her first Christmas....
 Three felt flowers on a skinny headband in grey, soft pink and white...

 A Linen and lace hairclip...

Linen and Lace vintage clip - this one is very popular!!

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 Cheeky little thing.... wearing a dusty pink peony headband
 Just tooo tooo cute for just one photo....
 Have to add another....
Look at this one.... what a doll.... sitting pretty wearing a gold silk mini peony headband/clip with a pearl and diamonte centre.. just so pretty...

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Thursday, 10 November 2011

First official post for Mimoko Headbands and clips

Hi everyone!!
I have spent a good part of today preparing for market.
I am high on glue fumes, my fingers are bleeding from needle pricks and blistered from the hot glue gun...but I have had so much fun!!

After I had stopped working on my flowers to get dinner organised... I left my clips on the table before packaging them up for an order .... this is what I found...

Seriously ... can you find anymore space on a little head for another clip???

But I didnt learn ... I left the camera on the table.
Uploading photos for Facebook tonight I found this:

 and this
and other blurry funny close up faces..
Cheeky little moo!!!
Sooo, after that I have decided to clean up my workspace!!!

Here is a little of what I have been up to today..

 Sitting happily on top of this fuzzy felt flower is Leonard the ladybug ...
he is a male and gets quite annoyed if anyone says otherwise...
He is quite safe as he is attached to a mini grip clip that stays put (to avoid nasty accidents like a squished bug...ewww)
Available in green, pink or white flower.
The ladybugs are from the same family so are all red. I am happy to clone them and make the bugs in other colours if you think it would be cool...Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.
They are attached to a mini grip clip ... trust me - these clips will not slip, they are super grippy, even on fine hair.
Or is it the ladybug holding on???
$1.50 each

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Mimoko is under construction

MIMOKO HEADBANDS AND CLIPS is currently undergoing construction...

Please come by soon to veiw the blog and all the products available..
In the meantime.. please log onto my facebook here

Specialists in gorgeous and modern chic flower headbands and clips for all princesses, big and little.
Mimoko is a home based business and we enjoy creating unique accessories for girls and ladies of all ages.
All accessories are entirely handcrafted and hand assembled so can vary slightly to those photographed.
We carry baby headbands, girls headbands and adult headbands created with silk and...
fabric flowers in my smoke and pet free house from new and reclaimed fabrics.
We also carry flower hair clips and clippies for all occasions, weddings and photo props.